Learning to live in Peace and Harmony

Erasmus+ project learning to live in peace and harmony.
Peace and Harmony 2019-2021 ErasmusPlus project met 6 landen, te weten Engeland, Nederland, Finland, Spanje, Griekeland en Turkije.

Naar Birmingham
Birmingham Museum
Naar Stratford-Upon-Avon
Naar London
Workshops op Sutton Coldfield College

Birmingham (nov 2019)

Erasmus+ Learning to live together in peace and harmony: trip to the UK
Every country had arrived on sunday the 17th of november in Birmingham.Birmingham is a major city in the West Midlands, England. It is the second-largest city and metropolitan area in England and the United Kingdom, with roughly 1.1 million inhabitants within the city and 3.8 million inhabitants within the metropolitan area. This also makes Birmingham the 17th largest city and 8th largest metropolitan in the European Union. Our first meeting was on Monday the 18th, where we met all the different countries.

On monday, november 18, all the different countries gathered together at the college, where they got to meet all the other students. They got introduced to the school principal, who had made a presentation to introduce the countries to Birmingham and teach them about the city. After the presentation, the students went to a computer classroom. In the computer classroom the student got to make a logo. After making the logos the students went lunching upstairs. An hour later everyone went outside for the city trip through the city of Birmingham.

On Tuesday, november 19, all the students went to Stratford-upon-avon. Also known as Stratford, is a small market town 27.445 inhabitants. Stratford is known as the city of shakespeare. In stratford the students got 4 hours of free time where they could just explore the city and get to know the city of shakespeare. Some students made a city tour and some students just explored the city on their own.

On Wednesday, November 20, the whole group met at the Birmingham station to go to the college together. When everyone had arrived at the college, some countries showed a video and some a presentation, Spain had a play. Everything was about the multicultural society in each country and about their own origins. After all the presentations, the group did various art Workshops, including painting, printmaking and graphics. After the countries had finished they went back by train to Birmingham central station, and went to eat dinner at Jimmy’s spices.

On Thursday, November 21, the whole group had left at half past seven to London. When we had arrived in London we went to visit the British Museum. After 2 hours in the museum we were given an hour free time. Then we got a tour through London and visited famous places such as the Big Ben (which is unfortunately surrounded by scaffolding) and the London Eye. After the Tour we took back to the bus to go to Birmingham.

On Friday, november 22, everyone met at the station to go to the college. Today everyone would get the stuff they made like the canvas bag and the printed picture. Around 12pm we ate lunch and afterwards everyone could go their own way. Most students went shopping and some went ice skating. All the students and teacher gather together at the station, to go to Jimmy’s spices. After dinner all the countries went back to their hotel to say goodbye and pack their back for tomorrow.

On Saturday, november 23, everyone had packed their backs,because they would go back to their own country today by plane. Every country has arrived safely and can’t wait to work on the project!

Volos, Greece (jan 2022)

The 5th Learning Teaching Training meeting of Erasmus+ project 'Learning to Live together in Peace and Harmony' took place from January 24 till January 28 in 2022 in Volos, Greece at the 1st Gymnasio of Volos, with the subject 'We are all the same and we are different'. All the partners joined the meeting and participated the project except for a) the students from the United Kingdom due to Covid-19 rules about students' mobilities in this country and b) the group from Finland because of the Covic-19 infection of one of the accompanying teachers. Both groups joined the meetings virtually. 

On Monday the students gathered in the theater of the school and played the ice breaking game 'Simon' in order to highlight individual and cultural similarities or diversities. The host country started as a leader and one by one all the other groups became the leader of the game. In the afternoon a guided visit to the Archeological Museum took place. The visit was planned with the students, but due to very bad weather conditions (snow and black ice) there was no public transportation for so many people so the students returned to their host 
families. All schools in Greece were closed on Monday and Tuesday due to the extrem weather conditions nationwide.

On Tuesday the students shared stories about when they were proud to be part of a particular group and when it was especially hurtful to be associated with a particular group. In a process of identifying what they consider to be the most important dimensions of their own identity and life and how these dimensions are actually different from the others' the students made presentations, created comics, created and performed role plays, danced and exchanged their views on the topic 'Is your everyday life really diverse'. In the afternoon the group were having lunch at school with many traditional dishes cooked by the teachers.

On Wednesday the entire group made a day trip by bus to the village of  Makrynitza on Mount Pilion. Because of the snow the village looked like a fairytale, with all the beautiful houses and shops along the small and windy road up the mountain. The group found out about its history and monuments by hiking on its cobbled paths and visited some shops to buy souvenirs.
On Wednesday evening all the students met at the beach and had a meal together as well as the teachers who met in town.

Thursday started early as the group took of for a guided day excursion to Meteora, the Unesco World Heritage Site. After a two hour bus drive the group arrived and made a beautiful hike around natural rock formations and visited several orthodox monasteries where the guide unraveled some mysterious paintings and told stories of ancient times. On the way back the bus stopped midway at a restaurant for drinks and the group made a hike along the river and enjoyed the beautiful scenery as the landscape was full of snow.

On Friday students shared a 3-5 min. video with a traditional or popular song or music or dance of their country. Further on a presentation of the NGO ‘Arsis’ hostel for teenage refugees-immigrants was held, as a visit to the hostel had not been possible earlier this week. After this the Greek students taught the guest students traditional and popular Greek dances and at the end all participants danced famous Greek dances.

Erasmus+ Learning to live together in peace and harmony: trip to Turkey


After coming in on Sunday we started the day off with simple “getting-to-know-you” games. After that we took a lunch break where we had authentic Turkish döner wich was delicious of course. When we came back to the classroom we made groups that contained at least one member from each country (Netherlands, Greece, Spain, Finland and Turkey). With those groups we made posters with the keywords being “friendship” and “acceptance”. After we presented the posters we were free to do the following: archery, pool, wrestling, dance and boxing. During this period we found out that on the poster for our project they had flipt our flag.

We left the school with our hosts and went to the mall to eat and shop. This was an experience for sure since we don’t have a lot of malls in the Netherlands. This was also the place where we found out that everything was extremely cheap. You could get whole meals for only €2 (32 lira).This was obviously a huge bonus for us dutchies.


Tuesday started off with a seminar about “cultural diversity” from one of the school's teachers. It ended earlier than expected so we had some time on our hands. We decided to go into the city and find a place to eat. Once we came back we had a bunch of angry Turks waiting for us because we didn’t tell anyone where we went. That was fun.

We ended the program after an open table discussion about predjudice, racism, discrimination, sexism and homophobia. For each term we had to show an example. This is where Mara shined. She was one of the only ones to step up and give a presentation about every term.

That afternoon while walking home I hit my eye against a pole while looking at my phone. It hurt for a bit but we couldn’t stand there for long since we were meeting some people from a different Erasmus project at a bowling alley. We got to know each other and became good friends with the Belgians.

Later that night a tragic thing happened. After dominating the whole game, Ajax lost 0-1 and got kicked out of the champions league.


On this day we got on the bus with the entire Erasmus group. We went to historical buildings such as the Harem sultan in Topkapi Palace. After that we had some time to have lunch where we ate the famous kofte. We also went to buy ice cream from the famous ice cream booths where they fool around with your ice cream.

After lunch we went to Hagia Sophia, which is one of the beautiful and big mosques in Istanbul. You could no longer pray in many places in the mosque, I was surprised to see this because it would be very nice to have the ability to pray everywhere in the mosque. When I asked what the reason was it was said that it is an important historical building which needs to be well looked after and maintained so it cannot be fully utilized. The program was done and we could figure out the city for ourselves.

We went along the beautiful sea where the famous bridge connects Asia and Europe. We went to Karakoy which was a super cool place. There were students who wanted a piercing so we looked for a piercing shop. That was also a nice experience.

In the end we went to see the Gala Tower, which was also a super nice location. After a long day exploring the city we got very tired and went back to our house with our hosts.


This was the last day at the building. We did our last tasks; we had to answer our letters we wrote and we had to make a poster about cultural diversity. After making our poster we had to show it to the rest of the students and talk about it. We also got a certificate and some really nice presents.

We took a picture with everyone who were on the Peace and Harmony project.

After that we had a little time off and we went outside to buy some baklava. It was the best baklava I ever ate. The last thing we did with the whole group was watching a school concert. It was really good, a lot of people prepared a dance or a song. This took about two hours. After a few songs everyone started to dance and sing, we obviously didn't know the songs but it was great to listen to them.

This was one of the bands, they played a lot of rock and roll songs.

After we finished this day we went out to get something to eat. We walked around for a bit and ate some typical Turkish food. I had some döner, I never had it before. The restaurant had an amazing view. It was a beautiful mosque.


On Friday we went with a tour bus to Dolmabahce Sarayi which was a very beautiful palace. Every detail was so pretty and I took a lot of photos. It was very big and I didn’t even see half of it. It kind of reminded me of Versaille (a beautiful palace in Paris). After visiting Dolmabahce Sarayi we went to the bazaar. A very famous place, my mom told me about it and said I definitely had to visit it while I was in Turkey. I’m glad I did. It was so busy there and there were so many shops which all sold some stuff: jewelry, spices and Turkish delight. It was very different


Erasmus+ Learning to live together in peace and harmony: trip to Finland

We left for Finland the 8th of may, we had to be at the airport very early. We then took the train from Helsinki to Kuopio. Then after 9 hours of traveling we arrived safely in Kuopio where we were picked up by our hosts. 

 This is a picture of us at the airport.


Monday was the first day of activities, we met at the school early and got to meet all the wonderful people we were to spend the rest of the week with. We started with a short introduction by the school about what the week was about and some details about the finnish educational system. We then did a few group activities to get all the people mingling with each other and to get a group feeling going. Afterwards we formed a smaller group and went exploring the town with our hosts.


Tuesday we started the day doing some activities at school including participating in a class. Then after lunch we went to Ruokoniemi, a campsite where we did some other activities and had a lot of free time to connect with the rest of the group. We split into groups, and then afterwards all the groups had to prepare a small play showing love between two people from different backgrounds. That was a lot of fun. After that we split the girls from the boys to enjoy a dip in the freezing lake; after a steaming hot sauna of course. Then after eating dinner everyone left with their hosts.

This is a picture of when we arrived at Ruokoniemi. This is also the place where we went swimming (when the ice was gone).


We spent Wednesday at the school, doing activities together. We split into three groups, all of which were very mixed. We learned about Unesco world heritage sites in Finland, and we played the amazing board game made with contributions from every country. After lunch we got to make our own tote bags, which all turned out amazing. Then we had the home economics class, which is a class that I’d definitely like to see implemented in the country where I’m from. We made some delicious cinnamon rolls there.

This is a picture of Mathias and other students playing a self made game. The questions where about all the country's that participated in this project.


Halfway through the week, we depart from the school with the bus. It is a long trip but we eventually arrive at the Olavinlinna castle, it is a sight to behold and very big. After that we had some nice lunch in Savonlinna after which we were able to explore the city a bit. We then departed towards the forest museum, that was a lot of fun, it was surprisingly big and informative. On the way back we could see the beautiful lakes of Finland splendidly.

This is a picture of us, English students and our hosts at the Savolinna sign


Friday was the last day we had with everyone, so we had to make the most of it. We started very early to do all the things we had planned. We first took the bus to see the views from the top of a giant tower. It was an amazing view. Afterwards we went to explore the Kuopio city center, we saw some nice sights, and went to do some souvenir shopping. After we left the city we went to the goodbye party. That was a lot of fun, we played some pool and we danced our asses off in Just Dance ‘22. Everything was talking to everyone and we really felt like a group. However, that made the goodbye at the end of the party really hard. We hung out a while after the party but it was very bittersweet.

Istanbul Verslag Yuel

Dit was naar mijn idee één van de meest bijzondere ervaring van mijn leven tot nu toe! De activiteiten waren super leuk, maar daarbuiten heb ik ook heel veel ervaren wat ik als normale toerist nooit gedaan zou hebben. Dat kwam natuurlijk door mijn Turkse host waar ik verbleef. Hij heeft mij het meeste laten zien, proeven en voelen van Istanbul. Zelf denk ik dat ik op deze reis meer heb geleerd dan in mijn hele schooljaar. Daarnaast heb ik veel mensen ontmoet uit andere landen als Duitsland, Portugal en Spanje. Ook daar kan je natuurlijk enorm veel van leren!